Work Smarter, Not Harder

Fact 1: I hate doing anything twice, that could have been done once and automated. Fact 2: See fact one.

It’s not uncommon to have to duplicate information within your documentation that is already contained elsewhere in either your code or application meta-data. Docstar aims to reduce this duplication of information as much as possible, in a variety of ways.

Synchronize package.json with docs config

Certain information in your Sphinx generated documentation comes from placeholders that are defined in your file. In addition to being able to scaffold an initial file, docstar can also keep this file in sync with your package.json file.

Simply run the following command within your Node.js project directory:

docstar config sync

This will update particular pieces of information in configuration file. At this stage the following information is taken from your package.json file and placed in your file:

  • package name => project
  • package author(s) => copyright
  • package version => version & release